Please don’t tell Moby what this is:

ok, i don’t know what this is. nor, to be clear, do i have any interest in knowing what it is. or what purpose it serves.

from my perspective it’s a giant plastic people mover tube that goes from nowhere to nowhere. maybe it has a real world utility.
i don’t want to know what that real world utility might be. but isn’t it amazing?

this giant long plastic centipede.
what if it’s a time travel portal?
or is that too obvious?
maybe it connects wormholes?

i’m working under the assumption that yes, that’s what it’s designed and built for. i’m including it in my architecture blog because it’s architecture. someone designed it and someone built it and it holds people (as far as i can tell. well, it held me for a minute while i was inside taking pictures).

thus: architecture.

it’s nice that it’s clear, so that when people go from wormhole to wormhole they can look outside. that’s very considerate on the part of the architect and engineer.


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