Guess the Building—Rooftop Edition!

This week’s edition of ‘Guess the Buidling’ features model Erin Heatherton on a striking sculptural terrace. Golden sunlight  bounces off playful chimneys, creating a dynamic backdrop for this contemporary fashion shoot. Built by a modern master with a penchant for ornament and allegory, this project is a mainstay of academic and popular discussion. Have you seen the warm-toned masonry and arabesque motifs before?

Punk-Rock Architecture?—Studded, Spiked Buildings In Honor Of The Met Costume Institute

Studded leather jackets and spiked colors are back, thanks to the Metropolitan Museum’s highly publicized “Punk: Chaos to Couture” show, which opens tomorrow in New York City. And while we know that punk constitutes much more than just stapling some metal accouterments onto your shirt and calling it a day, well, we were so inspired by the exhibition’s spinous fashions that we decided to their architectural equivalents. So cue up some Sex Pistols and click through to see some seriously spiky, badass buildings!

Guess The Building—China Edition!

For this week’s Guess the Building post, Architizer is headed to China! While we constantly find ourselves covering major projects by Western architects that have flocked to the Far East to build (Steven Holl, Coop Himmelb(l)au, PES-Architects to name a few), this set of fashion photos features the amazing work of a local architect with an international reputation! Think you’ve seen that gorgeous striated masonry before? Can you name the building? Tell us in the comments section below.