Moby on Detroit:

i just got back from detroit, where i was playing at the movement festival (which was as festivals go, i say with some objectivity, amazing).

i’ve been going to detroit since the late 80’s (as it is the birthplace of modern electronic music), and i’ve always loved it.

culturally and musically and artistically it’s a fascinating place, but it’s also fascinating in that it has more remarkable abandoned buildings than any other city in the western world (this might sound like hyperbole, but i’m guessing it’s actually true).

it’s worth stating that there are big parts of detroit that are not filled with abandoned buildings. and those are nice, too… but the parts of downtown detroit that are filled with beautiful old abandoned buildings are aesthetically amazing (as evidenced by the fact that lots and lots of people have taken pictures of them).

on saturday i had the afternoon off, so my friend shannon (who lives in a former abandoned building) took me on a bike ride around detroit to look at her favorite abandoned buildings (what she refers to as ‘ruin porn’).
here are some of my favorites.

and i hope that these buildings at some point get the love and care that they deserve. but in the meantime: ruin porn.



Moby ponders Burbank City Hall

i want to at least try to sound smart in describing the burbank city hall.
but i’m not feeling so smart today, so i’ll err on the side of simple.

  1. it’s pretty
  2. it’s tall
  3. it has an impressive eagle at the top
  4. it has some fish around the fountain
  5. it looks like the league of justice
  6. well, it sort of looks like the league of justice
  7. it looks like league of burbank justice
  8. it makes me wonder why very few people erect impressive buildings like this anymore
  9. it’s not beige
  10. if albert speer hadn’t signed up with the third reich and instead had moved to burbank after stopping off in miami he might’ve designed something like this in between tennis games.
  11. it’s photogenic.

ok, i think that’s all i have.

the burbank league of justice.
with cartoony ceramic fish.