Check Out The Incredible Casa del Viento!

As a form of tribute, ‘Casa del Viento’ faces north to the Tepozteco to fill every interior space with a 180-degree view of a rock formation that changes personality as the sun journeys the sky. Each room wraps the inhabitant in the landscape itself, from which, with his own presence becomes the new sculptor. Click here to read more! 

Check Out This Sleek Columbian Villa by Giovanni Moreno Arquitectos!

"A single folded plane serves as a continuous structure and envelope between natural and artificial, where floors, walls and ceilings form a unit, develops a housing program, with high space utilization, ventilated, illuminated and free of distracting elements that seek to create a moment of comfort and tranquility in the user, with each space integrating nature through their doors, windows, wherein the cover as the final element of the plane that cast a shadow in the house and essential part of its function of covering the outside stairs, makes its own proportions and becomes a sculptural element." Read More!