Check Out This Incredible Tropical Cantilever!

A topographical approach was developed to sculpt the land and to integrate the architecture with nature…concrete structures and garden slabs bind into the topography and others subtly stand out through a mesh of wood in the landscape, created through a succession of structural frames. Click here to read more!

Check Out The Incredible Casa del Viento!

As a form of tribute, ‘Casa del Viento’ faces north to the Tepozteco to fill every interior space with a 180-degree view of a rock formation that changes personality as the sun journeys the sky. Each room wraps the inhabitant in the landscape itself, from which, with his own presence becomes the new sculptor. Click here to read more! 

Schoolgirls Look Out onto China’s Alienating Urban Landscapes

In his beguiling photo series “Sitting on the Wall: Haikou V,” Chinese artist Weng Fen captures young women and new cities on the precipice of change. The backs of the young women face us, giving no hint of a personal identity, save for their slightly varied school uniforms. Meanwhile, the booming new buildings dominate the background, their postmodern facades signifying an increase of investment and oncoming changes throughout Chinese cities. Read more!

Astounding Tilt-Shift Perspectives of World Monuments!

Anyone who’s traveled to popular touristic sites knows the feeling of being caught in the crossfire of countless camera lenses—the annoyed (and annoying) jockeying to capture the perfect shot…which in most cases looks exactly like everyone else’s. When we stumbled across Richard Silver’s photographs of iconic monuments, we were shocked—caught in the same tourist hustle, Silver manages to give us a new perspective on famous landmarks we didn’t think possible. Read more!

Check Out Iwan Baan’s Amazing Architectural Photography!

Dutch photographer Iwan Baan has been at the forefront of architectural photography since 2005, when he documented both OMA’s CCTV tower and Herzog and de Meuron’s Olympic Stadium in Beijing. Honored with the Architizer A+ Relevance Award, presented by New Museum director Lisa Phillips, Iwan Baan is among the most talented architectural photographers working today. His art lies not only in capturing the building as an object, or in mastering composition, but also in capturing the urban context and human life both within and beyond his subjects’ walls. Read more!

Check Out This Phenomenal Pool House by MDU ARCHITETTI! 

"The place, a lot with a fine view located in the Bisenzio river’s valley; the landscape is a sequence of wooded areas, fields, olive-groves. The land is articulated through terraces with stone walls. The project is a silent insertion inside this landscape." Click through to read more!

Great Gatsby Architecture? 15 Rip-Roaring Examples Of Art Deco!

Ah, the Roaring Twenties, that decadent period when people tossed tradition out the window and really started living it up. Opulent parties, smokey jazz clubs, subterranean speakeasies—if only we could have been there! Tomorrow, the latest film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, set in 1922, debuts in theaters. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 15 magnificent examples of Art Deco design around the globe. Click through to see them all!