moby’s los angeles architecture blog

ok, graffiti.

i mean, technically it’s attached to a building, so it’s tangentially architecture? right?

well, maybe i just have too broad an idea of what constitutes architecture, as i’ve included pictures of clouds and lizards on this site. but i’m a college drop-out, so what do you expect? an erudite and reasoned consideration of exceptional buildings? or pictures of lizards and graffiti? how about an erudite and reasoned consideration of lizards and graffiti? and buildings, too, on occasion.

i also have a really hard time spelling words with double consonants. like: ‘occasion’.  is that right? it looks like it should have 2 ‘s’s’.

so: graffiti. you have to admit, this graffiti is pretty remarkable. and it defines and establishes the space, far more than the building upon which it’s been painted. the building itself is kind of egregiously unremarkable. it’s only the graffiti that distinguishes the building from the few million other generic buildings in l.a.

i especially like the scary blue baby doll playing bongos. and the scary clown.