From experimentsinmotion

Aircondition (2006) by Oliver Laric uses video processing tools to exhaustion displaying every frame of the sequence to expose intricate patterns of an otherwise ridiculous dance.

Martin Hiploltsteiner explores a similar technique through a series of studies that array film stills giving even simple motions complex three dimensional implications. His animation for the song Videotape by Radiohead inverts the concept of exposing the hidden complexity of motion and instead gives everyday architectural elements the ability to move, float and express the ennui of generic parking garage.

Both by exposing the hidden forms of motion and animating the inanimate, Laric and Hilpoltsteiner imagine impossible spaces where motion can be seen as a space. Harold Edgerton’s ‘Tennis Serve’ (1949)¬† was able to capture the stages of motion but it does not explore three dimensional space in the same way as its contemporary descendants.